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Monthly Match Information

Don't be late for the stage coach.

5 Dogs Creek Cowboy Action Shooters Monthly Matches are the 1st Sunday of the month, and the preceding Saturday (same weekend). That's usually but not always the first weekend of the month. Sometimes the Saturday is the last day of the previous month.

See current 5DC Newsletter for start times

Match begins immediately following the shooter’s meeting.

Each day is a separate match. We use SASS rules.

We usually shoot 5 stages per day, with an average of 24 shots per, so bring (at minimum, per day):

  • 50 rounds for your single action revolvers

  • 50 rounds for your lever action rifle (in a pistol caliber)

  • 30-50 shells for your shotgun

  • Double all those if you can shoot Sat & Sunday.

  • Don’t forget your ear plugs & protective glasses. Protective glasses are required. (Sunglasses ok). Bring your lunch.


Daily match fees are $20 and members get a $5 discount to $15. 

Find directions Here.

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